Fleshlight Portable Stroker S4
Blue- Luminous Male Masturbator




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Fleshlight Portable Stroker S4
Blue- Luminous Male Masturbator

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  • Pure Liquid Silicone
  • Unique shapes & textures
  • Use a cap to control airflow
  • Easy grip
  • Waterproof



Harlo looks like a flashlight, The unique shape allows you to put it anywhere in your home without worrying about anyone finding it, and you can also put it in your backpack and take it away from home. At the same time, you travel and enjoy the pleasure of Harlo.

When you pop the cap off, you will see the soft, snug ultra-realistic material, molded to look exactly like the real thing. When you want to release the high, remove the lid, introduce the water-moistening lotion, and insert your dick into the Harlo. –You’ll feel so good when you slide between Harlo’s sculpted lips that hug your erection in a tight, warm grip.  Close the air vents at the bottom, and you’ll feel incredibly tight, with a magical pull, sucking your dick, Of course, If you feel like you’re about to climax, you can open this air vent for a soothing release.

To clean up, slide the sleeve out and wash with warm soapy water or toy cleaner and rinse. For best results, when the Fleshlight sleeve is dry, give it a light dusting of cornstarch to keep it looking and feeling like new.

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59 reviews for Fleshlight Portable Stroker S4
Blue- Luminous Male Masturbator

59 Revirews
  1. Purchased



    This toy is so classic, it’s simple but it really is straight to the point and very useful for whatever length of time you want to use it 10/10

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  2. Purchased

    Alexander Underwood

    LOVE how it feels

    I was looking for some kind of male masturbator because up until buying this, i had only ever had dildos. I must say, it feels SO good. I had seen similar products and had heard of similar products and so when I saw this at its price point, I knew I had to try it out and it did not disappoint to say the least. I love how versatile it is, by keeping the sleeve in the shell you can experiment with sucking power and grip and by taking it out you can be free to use it how ever you desire. Definitely recommend if you’re interested in trying a product like this!

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  3. Purchased


    It’s my first time ;)

    The inner material is very soft and depending on how much lube and the type, I could make things slick or create a little more friction. The textured inside could be a little more ‘ribbed’, but it definitely gets the job done. And everything is easy to clean.

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  4. Purchased

    Tai Nguyen

    Hole way too big!!!!!

    Beside the hole is way too bit, this thing is easy to clean and smooth!

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  5. Purchased


    An excellent toy for your fun time solo or with a partner

    Was looking for an alternative to my fleshlight and this was VERY nice. Feels great and it was super easy to use. I’m quite thick and this served me well. Cleaning was super easy as well and it fits perfectly in my bedside table. My only complaint was with the advertised ability to squeeze. Just don’t go to hard on it. I did end up getting a small crack in the outer shell, but it didn’t have any effect on the product or its use. I was just a bit rough on it.

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  6. Purchased


    Right Feeling

    This toy definitely check the boxes for comfortability and getting the job done. It’s not bulky and easy to clean! Will order more!

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  7. Purchased


    Great toy

    This toy is very nice for the price. Really like that it came in discreet packaging. It has a good texture, easy to hold and ribbed inside which is nice. Perfect size and easy to use. Fast and easy to clean. Would recommend.

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  8. Purchased


    great value & surprisingly durable

    I bought this when it was on sale at a fraction the price of its competitors. I’d never tried any similar device before and figured it was inexpensive enough to throw away guilt-free if I happened to hate it.
    But I was pleasantly surprised.
    The silicone part is very, very soft – almost like Jello. It has a subtle, gentle touch to it. The texturing inside is helpful without being distracting.
    The biggest downside is that the softness of the silicone makes it fairly easy for all of it to slip inside the hard plastic case, which exposes a sharp plastic edge that can scratch you. I found it safer to simply discard the hard shell. Using the hard shell can also result in an audible slurping noise as air leaks in & out. I found the noise easy to ignore, but others might find it distracting or even fun.
    Given how soft it is, and seeing some of its competition billed as single-use, I expected it to fall apart right away. It’s been a few weeks since it arrived though, and it’s still in good shape with no tears.
    Overall was a great value and a low-risk way to experiment with something new & unfamiliar.

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  9. Purchased

    Dean J Farley

    More fun when you can see

    This was an absolutely blast to play with and let’s you control the level of suction and play! It’s nice and tight and is something I would highly recommend! The cleaning is also easy from it being silicon as well!

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  10. Purchased


    Simple and to the point

    When you need a simple and to the point toy this is the one to go with. It’s very comfortable, and convenient and definitely gets the job done. Clean up is easy with just soap and water and the hard exterior makes it easy to store until the next use.

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