Blissmakers’ original intention is to satisfy a wide range of users in their pursuit of both mental liberation and physical pleasure.

In order to achieve this, we place special emphasis on the appearance design and user perception of our products in the development stage. Miss Cyndi, one of BM’s partners, is a designer with extensive experience in the industry and has won the Red Dot Award for numerous works. Through the appearance and color scheme of her work, she conveys to users the idea of individuation and inclusiveness. We have always been concerned about the emotional needs of long-distance couples, who deserve to have their needs respected and met, thus the APP-controlled product series was born.

Mr. Peter, another partner of BM, is a Clinical Sexology Ph.D. with a wealth of clinical experience. He focuses on providing users the ultimate sexual experience, such as whether the product fits the body curve, whether it is comfortable to use, the ability to touch sensitive parts, the safety of product materials, the vibration strength and sound of the micromotor, etc. Especially the Kegel balls, we measure the average pressure level of female users through big data in order to develop a better health trainer for humans. It truly fulfills our original intention of making the user feel both mental liberation and physical pleasure through the product. Our relentless and passionate pursuit is to satisfy people who just want to have fun.

Join Us, Finding Bliss