What is Role Reversal?

You hop up on the bed, bend over and get on all fours, your breath bated in anticipation of your partner penetrating you. Sounds like a typical night in bed, right? Not when the one doing the penetrating is the woman. This hetero-anal role reversal is referred to as “pegging,” a term that was coined by sex columnist Dan Savage in the early 2000s.

Role reversal in the bedroom, particularly pegging, has experienced a bit of a cultural revival of late. Yes, it’s been around since at least the 1970s, when pornographic films and sex advice books began to reflect the changing social mores of the time. But it was typically reserved for the adventurous folks whose sexual lives were considered fringe. In the past decade, it’s been treated less judgmentally, with shows and movies like Broad City, Deadpool, Weeds and Peep Show featuring the act as a normal part of a healthy sexual relationship.

Physically, the act of pegging stimulates the male G-Spot, also known as the prostate, which is capable of providing an intense orgasm. There are strap-ons that come equipped with vibration or texture that simulates her lady parts simultaneously.

But role reversal’s biggest appeal is how it stimulates the biggest sexual organ — the brain. Flipping typical male-female sexuality on its head can be a real turn on. For men, being submissive and giving up power to the woman can be a liberating act and, for women, the idea of taking the dominant role can be exciting. For both of you, playing around with gender definitions may give you a new perspective.

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