APP Control Male & Female LDR Vibe Together


JadonX & KaritaX


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APP Control Male & Female LDR Vibe Together

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JadonX is a seriously great, Amazing pleasure stimulator, created for thrill-seekers looking for supreme satisfaction. Pack 6 patterns of vibration, squeezable texture, and real orgasmic moans. Give you all you want.
  • Free APP (smart interactive toy)
  • 6 vibration patterns
  • 6 squeeze & suction speeds
  • Real orgasmic moans
  • Oral-like sensation
KaritaX Kiss Your Clitoris with Karita's Air-Powered Bliss!
  • Free APP (smart interactive toy)
  • Smooth smartphone control
  • Pure silicone and ABS
  • 9 Flapping Vibration patterns for G-spot massage
  • 9 Suction speeds for C-spot stimulation
  • USB Charging

JadonX & KaritaX


Shining Debut

Meet Anny: Your New Best Friend for Love

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Anny:Hey there, lovebirds! We’ve got something special for you . It is a friend who’s always there to lend a listening ear, share a laugh, or even just be a comforting presence when you’re feeling a bit lonely.

Renowned Designer Cindy, My Close Friend, Crafting a New Path

Designed with Love, for Love

Been crafted with love, just like the relationships she’s here to support. She’s a symbol of the emotional bond that can be nurtured, no matter the distance. So, whether you’re looking to strengthen your connection or just add a little extra love to your life, Anny’s got your back.

Long-Distance? No Problem!
Here to help bridge the gap when you’re miles apart. With her, you can send sweet nothings, share your day, or just let her know you’re thinking about your special someone. It’s like having a piece of home with you, no matter where you are.

When you’re together, It can be a playful addition to your romantic evenings. She’s got a fun side that can surprise you with her witty banter and playful antics, making your time together even more special.

Into your world, and let the magic begin!

24 reviews for APP Control Male & Female LDR Vibe Together

24 Revirews
  1. Purchased



    This toy is amazing it’s super soft its not sticky like some I like the fact that it rotates I love all the different settings it’s so much fun a toe curler for sure I was a little skeptical of the little clit stimulator but after I received the product I really enjoyed it I’m glad I made this purchase

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  2. Purchased

    Brett Figueroa

    not my favorite but worth the cost

    I will be truthful. It’s not my favorite, the features are not as prominent or sensational as the description features. However, it does satisfy the end. Product meets quality of pricing. So if you’re looking for a mediocre solo so satisfying toy I recommend this for beginners to get a good idea of what you sensations are, as well as a vivid idea of what to expect.

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  3. Purchased

    Roberto Mascia

    Working Very Well.... My girl friend is happy!!!!

    I bought to give as a gift to my girlfriend but did not work, however, the supplier contact me and offer replacement… I received another one in 3 days after and it is working very well. My girl friend loved it .

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  4. Purchased

    Mary barker

    Fun discreet product!

    Item came in fast! I love the little black box and it’s discreet so it can be carried around with you without anyone knowing what it is! The rotation was a game changer!! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for that little extra spice!

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  5. Purchased


    Honest Review

    This product was great and enjoyable to use. However, it didn’t last very long as its multiple functions gradually stopped working one after another.

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  6. Purchased

    Thempress Bubblegum

    different type of vaginal stimulation but pleasant

    I was honestly a little nervous to use the spiral motion function on this but its a pleasant sensation. The vibration is strong.

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  7. Purchased

    mr. polo

    mr. polo

    The different modes and settings are just a few.. the feeling is something that you would have to experience for yourself. I am hooked. Trust me, you will not be disappointed

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  8. Purchased

    Rose Hineman

    Multi modes

    I think this product is great! Not only can it please you in one way, but in three different ways… it’s amazing.

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  9. Purchased

    Tasha gay Thelwell

    Just as described

    I had an issue with mine but everything works now.easy to clean,fast charge and get the job done everytime.The battery last really long also.great product

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  10. Purchased

    Rebecca Ellis

    5.0 out of 5 stars My new obsession!

    How did I live so long without this!? I’ve always wanted to buy an espresso machine but never wanted to spend the ridiculous amount of money on an automatic one and also had no interest in cleaning one of those big machines. This simple Moka pot hits every mark for me. Easy to use & clean. I expected to only make espresso on the weekends but now make it 3-4 times a week because it’s so easy and SO TASTY!

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