Ways To Make Orgasms Longer and More Intense

Possibilities are somewhere in your sexual history; somebody may have encountered an intense orgasm that lasted longer than usual. Well, there’s a name for that more drawn-out extreme feeling of sexual energy, and it’s called an extended orgasm. This elongated feeling of climaxing qualifies as one incredibly sensual, long orgasm. But how can you make Orgasms Longer and More Intense? Here are some ways that can help you to make this possible:

Practice Edging Solo
Let your partner touch and tantalize you until you’re at the brink of climax without letting you tip over the edge. Work on building your arousal slowly and delivering the pressure and feeling you need to expand pleasure exponentially.

Those with a penis can practice edging while masturbating by stroking until they get to orgasm and then backing off before ejaculating. Do this for however long you like. This creates the anticipation for a more powerful orgasm. Folks with a vulva can also practice edging while masturbating; just stimulate your clitoral area, G-spot, or both until you’re about to orgasm, and stop before you get there.

Tone Down Stimulation After Orgasm And Ramp It Back Up
If you find yourself too sensitive after an orgasm to even think about continuing with a powerful wand, try to leverage that tendency. Continue stimulation but begin the next “wave” of sensation gently, raise the intensity, and drop it back down right after the peak. The result for me is multiple orgasms that blend and feel like one big one.

When a cervical orgasm dips toward the plateau, that could mean holding the dildo (or having a partner hold his hips) in place to bottom me out and press into my posterior fornix— then giving a few thrusts and maybe increasing speed until I come again. And repeat. Likewise, with a G‑spot dildo, except instead of pushing it in, I’d keep it shallow, tilt it more steeply, and maintain stationary pressure before ramping the thrusting back up.

With a clitoral orgasm, that could mean turning the speed down, adjusting pressure, or positioning differently for a more diffuse sensation. For instance, my clitoris enjoys the Dame Kip’s sharp edge and the Zumio’s fine point for reaching orgasm, but immediately afterward, I need something broader, like the flat sides of the Kip or the Zumio’s stem. With a finger against my clit, I’d prefer slowing down and switching from the fingertip to the pad of the finger and switching back when speeding up.

Combine Clitoral Stimulation With A Girthy Dildo

Girthy dildos press against the legs of the internal clitoris and provide the pelvic floor muscles some resistance to clench around. Pretty much any dildo (or penis) will serve this purpose. Long-term habits for better orgasms Big, bold orgasms often go hand-in-hand with good sex and Kegel exercises for me.

Lifestyle Changes for Long-lasting Sexual Performance

Consume Foods That Promote Circulation
A healthy circulatory system is essential for achieving and maintaining a reliable erection. Incorporate foods that promote good circulation into your diet. Cold-water fish like salmon, cod, and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help improve blood flow. Unsalted nuts, containing magnesium and L-arginine, assist in relaxing arteries and promoting dilation. Additionally, foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits and leafy greens, can enhance microcirculation throughout the body.

Meditate With Breath And Energy Play
Amazing sex involves so much more than the genitals— breath, muscle tension, and mental focus all orchestrate the experience. For that reason, Barbara Carellas’ book, Urban Tantra, is the best to take sex life to the next level. More specifically, there’s a section where she instructs how to have orgasms by breathing and clenching your PC muscles while visualizing energy circulation through the chakras (energetic points in the body).

To some, this sacred sexuality technique might sound super woo-woo. It’s an active practice in scanning the body at suggested reference points and practicing awareness of my physiological state. And that has only ever helped me boost my orgasms overall.

Limit Smoking and Alcohol Consumption
Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can negatively impact sexual performance. Both habits can impair blood flow, decrease libido, and contribute to erectile dysfunction. If you’re serious about improving your sexual stamina, consider reducing or eliminating smoking and moderating your alcohol intake. Not only will this benefit your sexual health, but it will also have positive effects on your overall well-being.

Remember, open communication with your partner and a focus on mutual pleasure and satisfaction are key elements of a healthy sexual relationship. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment to find what works best for you and your partner’s unique preferences and desires.

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