What is Sex Furniture?

Sex furniture tends to make your imagination wonder a little if you haven’t used them before. What on Earth is sex furniture and why would I need one? You might first picture an elaborate sling hanging from the rec room ceiling but, although these fun devices do include swings and furniture, they are so much more and can be an important part of a healthy sex life. Let’s dive in.

Sex furniture like the swing mentioned above or full-length loungers and the like have fabulous kink appeal if you and your partner are into a little fetish; however, they also provide a practical solution for those with physical limitations. Having the ability to position yourself comfortably while giving your partner full access can be difficult for some and a sex sling can be just the thing to put your intimate play back on track.

Beyond swings and slings, there is also a full lineup of adult pillows that can help you realize deeper and more pleasurable encounters. These sex position aids come in a variety of shapes, styles, and materials with memory foam being the most popular and inflatable varieties an essential traveling companion. These aids lift and align hips for improved access as well as provide support which can be super handy for more adventurous positions or during pregnancy when a little assistance is always appreciated.

Whatever your pleasure, adding sex furniture to your intimate play can help you realize a deeper connection to your partner. Look for quality made products from Liberator, a leader in sex position aids as well as key features such as machine-washable liners and high-density foam construction that can stand up to the constant pounding.

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