Halloween Special Glow Dildos P

  • All-Day Nightglow Magic: This toy doesn’t just bask in the mesmerizing nightglow; it keeps you entertained day and night with its radiant charm.
  • Versatile Suction Power: Thanks to its super-strong suction cup, you can securely place it on various surfaces, allowing for limitless playtime possibilities.
  • Luxurious Liquid Silicone: Crafted from high-quality liquid silicone, this toy offers a soft and comfortable touch, ensuring safety and pleasure
  • Impressive Length and Thickness: With its satisfying length and ample girth, it’s designed to satisfy your pleasure needs, including targeting the G-spot and other sensitive spots.




“As the night falls, this glow-in-the-dark, liquid silicone anal plug and lifelike dildo becomes your perfect partner for some after-hours fun. It soaks up the sun during the day and then lights up your night with its sultry glow, adding a touch of sexy mystique to your playtime.
Thanks to its unique suction cup design, it sticks to pretty much any surface, giving you the freedom to explore without worrying about it slipping away. This combo of anal plug and realistic dildo, suited for all genders, brings double the pleasure during both day and night.
The soft, comfy liquid silicone material guarantees a safe and snug fit, and the realistic dildo design lets you explore your wildest fantasies. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, this toy is here to make your intimate moments extra special.”

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8.46 × 2.36 cm


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